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American Forest Management Services:
Forest and Land Management

At American Forest Management (AFM), timberland management begins with understanding the goals of each landowner. Individual objectives are blended with cash flow requirements and the land and water resources of the ownership to determine the best plan for the property. For over forty years, the timberland management professionals at AFM have used their experience and expertise to assist landowners in achieving their goals. To achieve ownership objectives, AFM foresters are supported by state-of-the-art technology and highly trained forest data management and accounting personnel.

Additional services include:

  • Forest Stewardship Plans
  • Land Classification
  • Endangered Species Habitat Management
  • Environmental Issues Management
  • Biological and Ecological Surveys
  • Soils Classification
  • Financial Analysis, and
  • Assistance with the Development of Conservation Easements and Estate Planning.

AFM’s team of professionals offers timberland owners one source for all of their management needs. Our small regionally dispersed offices allow us to provide individualized services, and our large overall size allows us to coordinate teams of foresters and technical specialists for large, complex jobs. This unique combination makes AFM the ideal timberland management choice. Our management practices are in full compliance with respective state and federal Best Management Practices (BMPs) guidelines. We conform our plans and operations to the requirements of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard® (SFIS®) or other forestry environmental management standards as required by individual owners. AFM provides the following comprehensive, quality land management services:

  • Hunting Lease Implementation and Management
  • Boundary Line Designation Maintenance
  • Supervision of Firebreak Construction and Maintenance
  • Implementation of a Full Forest Inventory Database Utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) and Geographic Positioning System (GPS) Capabilities to Enhance Decision Support
  • Coordination of Government Assistance Program Application and Implementation
  • Maintenance of Property Tax Records
  • Design and Implementation of Insect Control Programs
  • Property Access and Drainage Design, Construction and Maintenance
  • Implementation and Supervision of Herbicide and Fertilization Programs and Applications
  • Management of Environmental Issues, Including Phase I Assessments
  • Wildlife Habitat Management Services

An AFM agreement for forest management services can include some or all of the following activities:

  • Forest Inventory
    • Conducted in the field by our foresters, with support from our various technical specialists. Inventories are custom designed to determine timber volume information and capture property attributes important to the landowner.
  • Property Mapping
    • Based on the information collected from the property inventory, our mapping department can produce property maps that are used for several aspects of property ownership. These can include hunt club maps, soils maps, wetlands maps, and tract maps with national wetlands inventory overlays.
  • Harvest Scheduling
    • Performed within the management parameters determined by AFM foresters and the owner’s objectives using commercially developed and customized software packages.
  • Timber and Land Appraisals
    • Used to provide estimates of current and future market values of existing merchantable and premerchantable timber and land.
  • Timber Sales
    • Specifically planned to achieve the owner’s objectives and conducted to receive the highest possible price for the timber offered for sale.
  • Reforestation
    • Designed to match site capabilities and ownership objectives, and based on species, condition and quality of present timber stand as well as competing vegetation.
  • Ecological Services
    • For clients who are in need of assistance regarding the endangered species act, wetland regulations, or other federal, state or local regulations, we offer biological assessments, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements and conservation management plans that are tailored to address specific projects, permit requests or letters of concurrence.
  • Geographic Information System
    • AFM provides GIS mapping services to its clients on an as-needed basis. Our goal is to develop a searchable database of client properties containing information that will be helpful in the everyday management of these properties.


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