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American Forest Management Services:
Geographic Information System (GIS)

AFM provides GIS mapping services to its clients on an as-needed/requested basis. Our goal is to develop a searchable database of client properties containing information that will be helpful in the everyday management of these properties.

  • Tract Maps - Accurate tract maps are the first priority of our GIS mapping services. Ground control point coordinates are derived from either topographic maps, differentially corrected GPS data or the Tiger92 database, and are registered to the corresponding points on a raster image (aerial photo, satellite imagery, topographic map). Timber types, roads, waterways and other geographic features are digitized from the raster image once it is registered. Differentially corrected GPS data may be used to delineate additional features on the tract. The final map consists of several layers of geographical data that are tied to the tract’s specific location on the earth.
  • Data Management - A database consisting of stand timber type, acreage, origin and age class is kept for the tract mapped. Additional data can be added to the database as needed or requested. Data sources include:
    • Historical tract data (either internal or from other sources)
    • USGS digital elevation models
    • NRCS digital soil data
    • National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) wetlands maps
    • Other public domain and commercial sources of digital data. Once developed, the database can be analyzed to find stands or other features that match the desired criteria, enhancing our foresters’ ability to make timely management decisions. Data can be imported from and exported in several popular formats for use in other GIS programs.
  • Specialized Maps - AFM has the capability to produce a variety of special maps, including location maps showing areas of interest on a local, county or state level, soil type maps, and scanned raster images showing detail on and around a specific tract. These maps are computer generated (color or black and white), digitized and geo-referenced for use with Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS) and GIS applications. These maps integrate the field data collected on the group with:
  • Aerial photos
  • Satellite imagery
  • USGS topographic maps
  • Survey maps


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