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American Forest Management Services:
Latin American Forest Management (LAFM)- International Services

American Forest Management has worked on projects in Latin America since 2008. In 2014, AFM established an entity, Latin American Forest Management (LAFM) to focus on providing services to international clients interested in forestry investments in Mexico, Central America, and South America. The establishment of this new entity is an example of not only the growth of AFM but also the growth and interests of AFM clients.

LAFM’s objective is to provide superior client services to global investors for the purchase, management, valuation, and disposition of forest and agricultural properties in Latin America. The principal categories of services to receive focus in 2014 and 2015 are the following:


  • Evaluations of large forest or agricultural properties
  • Acquisition analysis and due diligence
  • Cash flow projections based on land management and harvest scheduling


  • Appraisals using Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP)
  • Appraisals using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Fair market valuation of agricultural land, timber land and timber
  • Net present value valuations of agricultural and timber land
  • Wood and biomass market studies


  • Forest inventory design and implementation
  • Forest growth and yield estimation
  • Data and geographic information management services using AFM systems or client-chosen software

LAFM will not only use Latin American partners and resources to offer these services but will also capitalize on AFM's current staff and expertise in offering these services for US-based investments in land and timber.

LAFM belongs to several university-based research cooperatives to provide additional expertise with respect to silviculture, forest genetics, timber markets, and growth and yield modeling in the United States and in Latin America.

LAFM Leadership

John C. Welker, LAFM Director, is based at AFM's headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

AFM Maine & NorthEast land and real estate

John C. Welker brings over 41 years of experience to his role. brings over 41 years of experience to his role. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management from Auburn University, a Masters in Forestry from Yale University and a joint Ph.D. in Economics and Forest Management from North Carolina State University. He began his career with Jari Florestal e Agropecuaria in Brazil in 1972. John returned to the United States in 1983 for doctoral studies at North Carolina State University. His dissertation focused on using management and harvest scheduling techniques to evaluate land allocation and import substitution decisions related to agricultural, pine plantation, and coffee land uses in Jamaica. After receiving his Ph.D., John worked for 12 years for the Coated Board Division of Mead Corporation in Georgia and Alabama, serving first as Senior Financial Analyst and then as Technical Services Manager. In 2000, John was hired as Technical Services Manager for Canal Forest Resources which went on to become a part of American Forest Management. He held this position until early 2014 when he became Director of AFM International Services.

Lawson Creekmore, International Forest Analyst, is based in AFM's Charlotte office.

AFM Maine & NorthEast land and real estate

Lawson Creekmore has been with AFM/LAFM since 2015. He has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resource Management from Virginia Tech and a Master’s of Science in Forest Economics from North Carolina State University, where he studied the modeling of timber supply from planted forests in Brasil and Uruguay. Lawson was last employed while at NC State as a research assistant to Drs. Fred Cubbage and David Wear.

For additional information, contact:

John Welker

8702 Red Oak Blvd., Suite C

Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

704-527-6780, ext. 308

E: or


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