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American Forest Management Services:
Technical and Data Services

The first step in any project of the Technical and Data Services Group is listening to the customers to understand their objectives, their time frame for achieving their objectives, and the factors influencing the budget for the project. We want to be able to partner with our clients so we can be flexible in responding to their needs as the project evolves and information is developed.

The central role of the Technical and Data Services Group is to use up-to-date technologies to organize and manage data and provide information models that utilize and transfer data to enhance decision processes and track the impact of those decisions over time. The Technical and Data Services Group has experience managing complex flows of data from field foresters, through the analysis process, to the client. We recognize that no matter how slick the software, or how high powered the computer system, technical services are only as good as the quality of the data and the interpretation of that data. For these reasons, we are constantly refining the process that moves the accumulation and input of data closer to the field.

Data and Information Management

  • Cypress™ - manages data and provides clients with real time, web-based access to land management information – stand attributes, maps and reports
    • Allows for specialized “bolt-on” applications which meet clients specific data management needs
    • Provides clients' with the ability to control data management functions from their own desktop computer
    • Permits data entry over the web
    • Provides a concise overview of the forest’s condition at any historical point in time and a succinct projection of a forest’s condition for a specific number of years
    • Generates real-time reports that track timberland values on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
    • Produces a composition of a complete accounting record of all historical land management activities

Analytical Tool Kit (ATK)

External Systems

Customized GIS Systems

  • Organize, manage and access the multi-faceted data and spatial (mapping) information needed by land managers to make sound decisions
  • Create various types of thematic maps for complex spatial analysis – boundaries, vegetation, soils, topography and non-natural structures
  • Provide multiple tract, state and regional maps to accurately determine tract locations, acreage and timber inventory characteristics
  • Provide complete GIS services from digitizing hand-drawn property maps through the development of multi-layer GIS databases using a variety of spatial data sources
  • Apply remote sensing capabilities including aerial photography, airborne video and satellite imagery
  • Supply data to client in a wide variety of formats

Inventory Design and Implementation

Land Management Decision Support

  • Stand level growth, yield and financial analysis
    • Forest Investment Analyzer, ATK
    • AFM Harvest Scheduling DLLs
    • Forest Nutrition Cooperative Decision Support System
    • Third Party Applications

Customized Applications Development

Infrastructure Technology Development and Support

Wood Supply Studies


News & Updates

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